Who We Serve

Catering to growing businesses

Autumnwood Services Inc. builds confidence in clients without spending big-guy money.

In the world of consulting it is commonly said that problems are undiscovered opportunities.  It may be hard to believe, but a shortage or a need to conserve capital may be more of a blessing than a curse.  The classic mistake of big business is short cutting the growth process by using cash to supplement a lack of innovation.  Their mistake is your opportunity.  By finding innovative ways to do more with less you can be successful, even against much larger awsf1competitors.

This is your opportunity! Let Autumnwood Services help you find it.

Let Autumnwood Services show you how to leverage your existing assets to maximize efficiency for sustainable growth.  By integrating Lean operational concepts with common office and productivity tools, we show you how to develop innovative  custom solutions to real world problems.  In short, we enable you to operate like your larger competitors at a fractions of their costs.

What Others Say

Scott R. – “…  Our Autumnwood Services Representative is very adept at creating manufacturing structure and process.  He quickly identifies appropriate information and metrics, and is excellent at analyzing the numbers. … a team player who is creative and strategic. He presents and trains well. He’s also a really fun guy to be around.”

Draak M. – “… Our Autumnwood Services Representative was able to take our technology and use it to its maximum potential and really get the most out of it.”

Bill K. – “… Our Autumnwood Services Representative was extremely professional in dealing with even the most difficult of clients. He is excellent at troubleshooting technical problems and coming up with efficient solutions. I highly recommend him.”

Jay N.- “… Our Autumnwood Services Representative is a very driven individual with a strong work ethic. He enjoys taking on new challenges and was instrumental in initiating progressive projects to benefit the facility.”

Bruce H. – “…Our Autumnwood Services Representative understood the need for customers to have easy access to their ordering and tracking information and developed an online system to alleviate concerns for “just in time” delivery of stampers (a critical component in the manufacturing of discs).   … He is a seasoned veteran and can impart those very valuable learning experiences to whatever strategic battle field in order to make a difference”