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If The Affordable Care Act Has You Lost,… Follow Our TRAX
The Affordable Care Act has 1000′s of pages of regulations, many of which are specifically written to enforce the traxEmployer Mandate through a variety of fines and penalties. What is your Safe Harbor Strategy? Have you chosen the correct strategy for your company to most effectively avoid penalties?

Some companies will offer Health Coverage, some will move employees to Part Time, some will off load employees to Temp Agencies, and some will simply take the risk that not all their employees will go to the Public Exchange with the hope that the penalties will not be frequent. But in reality, no matter what solution you choose for your company, they will all require weekly monitoring in order to maintain your Safe Harbor Strategy.

These Safe Harbors must be monitored each week to ensure there are no violations hidden in your payroll due to changing employee hours. If these hidden changes go unaddressed, your company could be facing $1000′s. TRAX will find these hidden penalties and alert you from a simple to read TRAX DASHBOARD allowing you to correct the issue and avoid the penalty.
There are literally hundreds of workers within 10-20 miles of any work site, and we have found them for you.  Through our companion site,, we have gathered a pool of laborers who are ready for work and are waiting for your text.  Everyone of our candidates has indicated in the last 7 days that they are looking for work.  This pool is fresh and ready to hear from employers like you.

From you can access this labor pool and invite them to your Puddle where you can interview, qualify and message them to begin work at your company.  Your results are collected and easily downloadable in Excel spreadsheets.  Finding and qualifying labor has never been so quick and easy.

You can also build a list of contacts to start your own SMS notification system.  Add employees, customers, vendors…, design your own messages and surveys and let laborpuddle handle the rest.

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From CLICK to SHIPawsf1-300x200

eCommerce is a new and complex field that continues to grow.

From CLICK to SHIP’s modular approach enables us to not only provide complete turn key solutions, but also to offer smaller solutions which address the “gaps” in your current solution by offering the following services.

  • Stable eCommerce website development
  • Seamless order management to your current fulfillment provider
  • Warehousing and assembly management
  • Unique packaging solutions
  • Shipping service integration

We have you covered From CLICK To SHIP.

The Cloud Integrated Manufacturing Pull Systemcimpull-200x49

CIMpull is a cloud based Warehouse Management System which can be set up in your warehouse in a matter of minutes and in use by your staff after only a few hours of training, its that simple.

Included in it’s base platform, CIMpull will allow for Inventory Management of Normal, Serialized, Batched or FIFO controlled inventory within the same warehouse.  This system will also manage Fulfillment and Assembly operations as well as integration to nearly all other Order Management systems such as eCommerce sites and EDI systems.  Designed to maximize efficiency, this integrated Warehouse Management System is a complete solution to most customer demands.